Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Paisley Swim-Bikini

The Paisley Swim-Bikini

l.a.b.o.y looks cute in denim, the only one without the full latex poured, so we crowd round his giant thies, per three. His curly hair, matt, macassar’d, with complex braiding techniques, archaic, perhaps oriental or corinthian.

We suck each others thumbs deeply while making gurgley sounds one makes underwater.. Splasheywashey-wash,, while l.a.b.o.y adjusts the pink belt, we sing the lachrymost tunes to Charli’s lipgloss.

Not enough” I whimper before moving, gorging the glistening cock down my pink throat

it’s never enuff” snarls the one with the worcester sauce on her bib.

The TV is on, and L.A. Boy is hard as Hell. I’m Watching Britney. Her body is in beyond shape,

What is the best sex? In the sun in plastic pumps, or upon the hot dust spitting out sand with some glamorous beast’s heel in your rear (in the sun in plastic pumps)?”

Earlier @the beach...

Rower #1
Phuw phuw! You gotta hot body

Rower #2
Come to France, I’ve got a big Mansion.

Rower #3
I want to sit in you and tug you along like an octuple scull.

Rower #4
yeah, get under the tarmac with me, get nasty.

You gotta work bitches [enter beach choreo]

One year later…
I’m reading the French Classics in lace.
It’s very interesting reading, and very sexy.

But When I first read your poem I wanted to clean the whole house front to back.

Your loops and knots hold my flesh taut
Dear, Your style
the likeness of a milkmaid’s lactating breasts. Please suck on them, and do not fear the farmer’s reprise.
They were meant for this!” she insists,,

I can see before me your arched back. You bend over the tablet with some designer specs and trimmed Macassar’d Hair (your favourite Korean pencil)

your balls falling beneath a pair of caramel legs.
While you are reading I ride you drily, gently with my index finger catching the moisture between your buttocks.
I softly clench the leotard you have on, pressing my member against the taut fabric,
(gradually parting)
Only to feel a new, synthetic stretching.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018


bzzzzzzzzzzLoading... Waiting...[breath in] hrrrrrrrr [breath in] hrrraaa [you know the score]

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Tarot Reader [...] Make-up Application / Face Paint [...] Onto-Genetic Disc-Jockeys 


Amplificata Reus Prima [Hic-Hoc]  

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Troy has a certain goldenness to it.

Once upon a time, films like 300 and Troy will be part of what was known as Renaissance 11

Friday, June 29, 2018


oe is haga

Asked my friend which song she liked most on the Ye album.
She said: Violent Crimes.

 a propos              it reminds her of     O Superman


Tuesday, May 15, 2018


– – – – I – – / / –
can’t find my way on a Sunny day
– – – – I – – / / –
in the park like it’s afterdark
– – / / – I – – – / –
in the mode of a day coll tay

– – / / –
smoke loft bell rung,
– / / / / / / – / –
feeling soft like a debutante
– – I – –

conCushion on my first run
my head is strung, my socks are long
swashbuckled up my entrejambs,
look swish buttoned up in nylon

button up lover zips off 
smoke rush bell rung

i can’t sit straight on a summer’s day
i’m eating bark at an after park
my head is wrong, my legs are long

mr birchtree fucks like a hipp-iieee
silkworms swimming in my pectoral muscles
crushed cumen in my cheese and my lipglossoms
much ado about the heat but i'm still loving it

Right now I'm in a state of mind / I wanna be in, like, all the time

I had some small difficulty falling asleep last night (I know, bite me).

By the time I woke up, the refrein of Ariana Grande's No Tears Left to Cry was blasting through my oneiric Hi-Fi.

This song is #1 on the charts in my native country.

Though this be madness, yet there be method innit man

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Late Swimmer

We're going for a swim in the water
You should try and get your phone charged
Let me light yer cigarette for ye'

tell the girls not to go too far

Victoria [na-na-na oh],

where are ye’?

We’re having lots of drinks by the water, 
are you coming in-in-in-in-in?


The sandals are precariously constructed with rope and lace tied around the feet. As you make your way to the stage someone steps on your foot, pinning you to the ground. It stays there. You could kill. You could cry.
You realize the potential of this feeling. It will propell you to immeasurable heights of vocal bitchiness.

  'squint, look askance, Richard!'
your hand slides across your lips as a diphthong gets itself ready.

'Get out of my shop!'

Walk like an Egyptian

When I sit in the cabin of the movers’ truck they make jibes at the pedestrians like some cowboys at a theatre, I can see myself, the object of their scorn, affecting sundry professions.

I've gotta find a way to breathe
to stretch, to kneel, to bend, to be
when I walk the streets
or am sat beside the Joshua Tree

The complaints of Khakkeperre-seneb

Had I unknown phrases
Sayings that are strange
Novel, untried words
Free of repetition
Not transmitted sayings
Spoken by the ancestors.
I wring out my body for what it holds,
Sifting through all my words;
For what has been said is just repetition,
What has been said has been said...

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Therapy for drugdealers and stockbrokers

find sleep

Buy art; listen to podcasts on neuro-diversity; attend discursive lectures on design and film, consider ways of monetizing cultural capital; cross-dress by night with Mary Katrantzou (in the Bois de Boulogne!), stream shows by day on dance and gender; dance.

We are an unprotected people.