Tuesday, January 29, 2019

summer is coming

don't worry bout the mind,

itwill come,
once the body is in time

feel the rhythm

Fanta H


Guitars and Psycho-sex in Bongwater is the sixties extracted, ionized.., turned inside out.

In “What if?” the nightmare of the psychedelic sixties is ghosted. “What if I twisted it in like a knife, until it made you cry, until it made you lie, would you still love me?”
Maybe Lennon’s “I’d rather see you dead little girl” or some of Jagger’s mid-sixties Misogyne mantras are finally addressed in the nightmare hysteria of the pothead’s strife, i.e.. “What if I threw your carkeys in the lake.” You can hear the cackling of the bikini-clad Ann Magnuson, and the teary wet-look of the chequered-shurfer.

Twin Suffragettes emerge from a deus ex machina yellin

I ain't wearing any underwear...
I ain't wearin any underwear

   I aint wearin any underwear
   I aint wearin any underwear

obscene and pornographic art...