Wednesday, November 25, 2020



He walks through the supermarket with his grill and beggar’s impunity. The security guards in the shop follow him like hawks. As he leaves he sings:

Ik voel je energie (I feel your energy)
maar Het is okey-ey-ey-ey (but it's okay)


Famke Louise released her debut album. It’s cool. Producers like Vlado, Rino Sambo, ‘nd Monsif, Avenue – the latter being so far my fav on: “Gister” or “Herboren Zelf”

The album came out together with a documentary, in which she alleges to have been abused by her ex in gruesomely violent ways. It’s one of those tings. Ppl need to go to the police tho ultimately publicity stunts are so much more effective. They actually punish the assailants and don’t grill the shit out of the victims. It’s even cathartic. I’ve been there too…

She’s the Dutchess of Neder-hop, yet the language is full of slang consisting of mostly English, Papiemento and French. It’s what the yung ‘uns do thoThis Patois sits on her Almere accent. Her style of rapping celebrates her own composure, body-positivity, and her independence in spite of the trollers and haters. She seems more trolled than any male artist that’s for sure, 

emblematic of the modernization of Dutch to the detriment of purists, many poets, writers, etc. She gets so much hate for rapping, for her glitz.

Its nice to see a lot of her latest singles didn’t make it “Loca” too Kanye derivative, theres definitely her searching for sounds through all the best young producers Holland has to offer.

"zeg een hater hij mag likken aan m’n pussy” (haters can suck my pussy)

I once saw her training at the Gaasperplas in the heat of the summer in the Bims… Total star, she had a Bijlmer entourage of personal trainers and God knows what…

Neem die oorbellen mee van die slet (take those slut's hoops with you"

ik hoef die shit niet meer te vinden in m’n bed (tired of finding that shit in my bed)

pak je spullen je mag terug naar je ex (get your stuff and go back to your ex)

ik hoef dit shit niet meer te zien op je snaps” (don't need to see this shit no more in your chats)